Teenagers Eulogy

How safe are your children and grand children when they leave your home to attend school or go play? What can you as a parent or guardian do to help ensure their safety?

It is hard to protect our children when the enemy in many cases is one of the children attending school there. I would endorse using metal detectors to screen our children upon entering the school building. It may be an inconvenience, but if it saves one life it is well worth it, especially if that one life just happens to be your child.

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Teenagers Eulogy is a novella written with a new twist on life after death. It is almost epidemic the alarming number of deaths, especially our young people suffer at the hands of those with a total disrespect for anyone other than themselves. Remember we are still at the threshold of the 21st century and already many of our children will never get a chance to grow up and live a normal life. Teenagers Eulogy gives a hint at what heaven may be like for those who have already gone on ahead.

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