Your Cell Phone Is Spying On You

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Your worst enemy in the palm of your hand.
What is it they don’t know about you?

It was never my friend’s intention to create anything powerful enough to render the entire universe helpless when he altered radio crystals in a dated cell phone. He kept experimenting and rearranging those crystals until he could easily listen in on top level government conversations from other countries as well as our own. Foreign conversations were automatically translated into the English language as they talked on their phones not realizing their calls were being monitored. He was a peaceful man and realized he should have stopped right there. He kept altering crystals until he was able to communicate with aliens from other planets. Now that he has passed over to the other side, can he undo from his grave what he created before his death, or will evil forces get their hands on it and cripple the universe? This story will have you eagerly turning each page as you learn life on other planets are similar to ours and every planet is at risk should this cell phone fall into the wrong hands.

Your Worst Enemy In The Palm of Your Hand